Getting Older

Getting older isn’t easy

Like chasing dreams that seem impossible

Life is moving too fast

I’m just trying to catch up

I wish I could turn back time and rewind

To the days when everything was easy

Things sometimes seem so hard

I wish for good things to come

Getting older is so hard

With each passing day I wonder

If I’m doing enough to make my life

As great as it could be

So grateful though to have my family

Constantly at my side

With them as my support

Getting older will be easier

Because I know I have people

There for me and ready

To be the comfort I need

In my most trying times



I’ve been thinking about you

Hoping everything will be okay

That it’ll all work out in the end

Because you mean so much to me

And have always been my friend

Through thick and thin you’ve been there

Forever at my side

My life’s better with you in it

With you I have nothing to hide

Thank you for the memories

I hope that more will come

And everything will be okay

Because you’re my number one

A Frustrating Process: The College Graduate’s Job Search

I graduated four years ago from a well-known local university and have yet to obtain a full-time position utilizing my degree. I have 1.5 years of office experience from working as the assistant to the president of a nonprofit organization but this experience has not helped me to acquire another position doing similar work. It is truly one of the most frustrating and difficult ordeals to go through and I hate that so many jobs that seem perfect require more experience than I have.
I know that I am not the only college graduate I know who struggles with finding a job. I am fortunate enough to have a retail job that I love and will have worked there eight years this coming July. I am just so sick of living paycheck to paycheck and wish that things could change for me. I keep searching regularly but so far nothing has really come out of this job search process.
What makes my job search process unique is the fact that I have a disability which impacts my ability to go places independently. I am unable to drive because of the physical aspects of my disability so distance plays a factor in the job search. I not only have to consider the required experience of a particular job but also the distance from home.
I know that I can always do freelance work but I truly desire an office position where I can meet new people and develop strong and lasting professional relationships. The right job must be out there for me and I pray that a good opportunity arises for me in the near future. I apologize for the rant but this is something that has become a real source of anxiety for me and has led me to question whether I will ever get a full-time job.
What I have decided to do though to improve my chances of getting a full-time position is to start taking courses related to what I learned in college to brush up on my skills and knowledge of communications media. I believe that this will enable me to remain up to date on the rapidly evolving world of media and since I have always loved learning I think this will be perfect for me. I am starting this return to starting courses by working on a specialization in social media marketing taught by professors from Northwestern University. Since social media is one of the most prominent types of media out there right now I feel that this will really help me to learn more about this popular media outlet.
I hope that in writing about my frustrations in finding a full-time job others can relate to me and possibly share their own experiences about the job-hunt process. You can definitely become a more well-rounded person by taking classes related to what you wish to do in the future and remain grounded in the world that you were immersed in during your college years. Please don’t consider giving up your job search because eventually the right opportunity will arise for you.

The 2016 Election: A Voter’s Conundrum

2016 is an important year for voters across the United States. We must decide for ourselves who we feel is the most suitable candidate to become the next president of the United States. What makes this election difficult though is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any one candidate who particularly stands out from the pack and seems like they have the qualities that one might desire in a prospective president.
We have been reading articles for months about the candidates and some of their assertions have been scary to say the least. From Dr. Ben Carson’s troubling past to Donald Trump’s statements against Muslims and immigration we have seen who these people really are when they address the public in debates and interviews. I find myself at a loss to decide who I should vote for this year.
This election is one that will determine the future of our country and the changes that are made by the incoming president will affect us for generations to come. I don’t believe that any election has been more important before than this election. What makes me say this?
To start off with there have been several mass shooting incidents in recent months and alleged racial profiling by law enforcement officers. Widespread protests have occurred relating to the theme of “Black Lives Matter” and we are left dismayed at the state of our country. It is not always a country to be proud of living in with some of the corrupt acts committed by the politicians we have elected into office.
What scares me the most though are the mass shootings that have occurred in the past year. I wonder if there will be one close to home and that it will have an impact on my family and friends. It seems like these shootings can happen anywhere and that is a truly frightening thought. I don’t always feel as safe and secure as I should and that is very troubling. I can’t even begin to fathom how I would feel if someone I love was hurt or killed in a shooting.
These are just some of the thoughts and issues running through my mind when it comes to this year’s election. A strong leader needs to be elected into office who can address these issues and make the types of changes that will allow American citizens to feel like they are living in a safe environment no matter where they reside. I believe that the right candidate is out there and it just might take some time for that person to really speak up and demonstrate the qualities that would make us want to choose that person to become our next president.
I believe our country is at an impasse right now. We are struggling to cope with the violence that has erupted in the most unexpected places and the lack of new legislation that will address this issue. Something has to change and I hope that this change occurs soon before something major happens. My plea is for a good qualified leader to make the types of sweeping reforms that will mend a society tainted by violence and racial issues.
Do I think the right leader is out there? I do believe so and I think that once that leader emerges we will feel much safer and less vulnerable. Whoever is elected into office in November will impact this country for decades to come. I just hope that they really make a difference in our country not only for my sake but for the sake of all American citizens.

A Heartbroken Symphony

A heartbroken cry sounds in the night
In the city of light darkness arrives
A heartbroken human symphony begins to play
The world mourns
The world weeps
The world needs peace
Quiet descends
The conductor begins anew
A new symphony for a troubled society
A heartbreaking symphony
A sad requiem
Will life ever be the same?
We are left to wonder
What madness is this
When we cannot live without war
When we cannot live without peace
Simple lives made more difficult
Resonating to the same sad song
And once more
The heartbroken symphony plays on
In a world of chaos and confusion
I question the world that we live in
Hoping for resolution
But have little reason to believe
That anything will be the same again
And so I am immersed
In this everlasting symphony
When terror has struck
We are left scared and scarred
Emotions at play
Let the conductor play his song
And one day may we unite as one
For a moment or two
And listen to the symphony together

Help Me Out: Great Holiday Season Skincare Tips

As someone who has suffered from terrible cystic acne, I have worked hard to maintain healthy skin all year long. Some may think that breakouts only occur during warm weather due to sweating but in reality acne breakouts can happen at all times of the year. As the holiday season rapidly approaches we are all left with a complicated dilemma—how can we keep our skin clear of acne during the holidays? No need to worry, there are plenty of tips for that and I’ll share some of my tricks with you as well.
A 2012 article by Danielle Emig of recommended moisturizer as one of your front lines of defense. Skin dries out very quickly during cold weather and dry crackly skin can lead to bacteria seeping into your pores resulting in breakouts. Another tip is to use gentle cleansers as harsh acne treatments will only dry out and further irritate your skin. One product recommended is Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser which will hydrate your skin and won’t lead to dryness like some other cleansers with irritants such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid as ingredients. You can purchase this cleanser at beauty specialty stores such as Ulta.
If you only have a few pimples you can always try a spot treatment like Neutrogena’s On-the-Spot Acne Treatment which you can get at your local drugstore. A natural and always beneficial trick is to stay hydrated and continue to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily as this will keep you healthy from the inside out. If you’re not a big fan of water you can always try something with a little more bounce like seltzer which I drink regularly no matter what the temperature is.
One good tip that was included in an article on was to use a creamy cleanser that contains alpha hydroxyl acids every other day which will remove any dead skin cells that can accumulate on the skin’s surface. It even works for sensitive skin and will help encourage what is referred to as cell turnover.
An interesting piece of advice published in an article on was to take shorter showers and use warm water. Long showers in steamy hot water can sap your skin of moisture instead of adding more moisture to your skin. When you’re done with your shower it was recommended that you pat dry instead of rub.
You should also wear sunscreen regularly even during the winter months as up to 80% of the sun’s rays can seep through clouds, snow, and fog. Exposure to sun rays over time can result in moles, wrinkles, and skin cancers. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 that includes both UVA and UVB protection.
Hopefully these tips will enable you to have healthy skin all winter long. Winter can be one of the most taxing seasons on skin so being proactive and trying to find the right products can make all the difference. Also, remember that finding the right products is a trial and error process. You may have to try several different products before you find the ones that will be best for your skincare regimen.


Trapped in the world of the puzzle
Pen in hand
Solving crossword after crossword
Grids of blanks waiting to be filled
A crossword is my haven
A sanctuary of bliss
I can sit for hours
Getting my brain into gear
Demonstration of intellect
I sit here each day
Doing a crossword
Obsessed and transfixed
A compulsive need
Moments in time
I’ll never get back
But time well spent
And crossing new boundaries
In the world of puzzles
Moments in time
I’ll never get back
But time well spent
And crossing new boundaries
In the world of puzzles

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